Ray Media Server Hosting | Boonex Dolphin Hosting

What is Ray Media Server?

Ray Media Server is server software by Boonex that allows you to stream live video via BounceWeb's web servers.

What is Ray Media Server Hosting?

Ray Media Server Hosting is web hosting with Ray Media Server. BounceWeb's Ray Media Server Hosting will allow you to run Boonex's Dolphin, and Orca video web community software which will allow you to stream live video, or stream pre-recorded video like YouTube clone hosting.

Boonex Dolphin Hosting

Boonex Dolphin is community software that allows you to start your own video hosting, video sharing, webcam community site.

BounceWeb has setup all their servers with Ray Media Server and tested the Boonex Dolphin Hosting platform to ensure that we are 100% compatible with it. Boonex Dolphin Hosting will allow you to create your community site that will let users do video chat, private video chat, watch videos with flash streaming video, and record video. All the video functions are able to stream live with Ray Media Server Hosting and Boonex Dolphin Hosting.

Our Ray Media Server Hosting

If you are looking for Ray Media Server Hosting, we are the only solution you need. The main features offered in our Boonex Dolphin Hosting are: cPanel, RvSkin, RV Site Builder, Fantastico, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Webmail, Virtual Stores, and statistics and monitoring tools for your website. As a Ray Media Server hosting provider provider, we offer complete freedom for coders. That's why we offer PHP, ASP, Phyton, Ruby on Rails, CGI, PERL, SSI, JSP and many other components like MYSQL, cURL, GD, Imagemagick and FFMPEG, necessary for those who need a complete Boonex Dolphin Hosting solution. If all of that wasn't enough, we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee to test our Ray Media Server Hosting service.

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